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14 Comments on DxO Photo Lab 4 – The Return of the King?

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  4. art bodner

    Your readers should be aware that there are 2 versions of the photo lab 4, essential and elite editions. The sale price for the essential edition is 64.99 but DOES NOT INCLUDE THE DENOISING FUNCTION…..and while other functions have some use, not really much you can’t do in other apps. If you want this function the elite version is 119.99 nearly twice as expensive, and seems like a lot to pay for this one function. Very disappointing.

    • AndyBell

      The elite edition includes *many additional options*, including ClearView Plus and Local Adjustments. See for the full list of differences.

      Everyone has to decide for themselves whether these extra features are worth the extra cost.

      There’s nothing disappointing about being asked to pay more for professional features, especially ones of this quality.

      • andres mayr

        120US is a fair price to pay for winning up to 2 steps of shadow recovery from my old digital photos from Nikon D70 and D80, and my M43 photos, and to have now USABLE night photos from my DJI Mavic Pro. DeepPrime Noise reduction is amazing! One problem with DxO PhotoLab Elite is the following: when exporting a DNG file from a NEF file, something strange happens to the highlights, as if a section of highlight detail got lost in translation. The only way I have found to fix it is by opening in Photoshop the non-converted NEF file and copying the highlights above the DeepPrime-cleaned DNG. Not nice, but not an unsolvable problem.

    • AndyBell

      DXO’s smart sharpening is the best for initial sharpening but it only offers Unsharp Masking for post processing.

      Topaz Sharpen AI is so much better than Unsharp masking – there are reviews of it on this blog. I usually perform 3 sharpening steps – one on RAW development, using DXO. One after post processing, using Topaz and one after resizing, again using Topaz.

      For enlarging nothing beats Topaz Gigapixel AI. Again, see the many reviews I’ve done.

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