Photography software and equipment is being released all the time. I cannot review them all, but I will post news of releases/announcements on this page.

Please use the links below to visit the vendors. It helps me keep this site active and costs you nothing. I may receive a small commission from any sales these links generate.


Software Subscriptions – a Perspective

Love them or hate them, software subscriptions are here to stay. Why did Adobe move to this model? How has it affected the competition? Have CameraBits, publishers of Photo Mechanic, got their subscription strategy right? Read more…


PhotoWorks Review Published

PhotoWorks is a complete photo editing solution. It is low on price but high on features. As I reviewed it, I became more and more impressed with what it does and how well it does it. Additionally, up to 31st March 2024 it is on special offer for a lifetime license. Read the review…


Topaz Photo AI 2.4.0 available

Here’s what Topaz have announced:

A big release today to Topaz Photo AI. The new design allows more flexibility and control while processing images. Major features to support this change are:

  1. You can choose the order in which enhancements are applied.
  2. You can select different parts of the image for each enhancement to be applied.
  3. You can apply enhancements multiple times to your image. For example: You can sharpen the subject and background separately.
  4. The Remove tool can be used like other filters. You can remove content and then add more enhancements to your images after.
  5. The crop tool has been reworked to provide a smoother experience and a Straightening tool has been added as well.
  6. We’ve revamped how filters are processed to make Photo AI feel more responsive.

Visit Topaz now to get a trial version, or read my review.



DXO Pure Raw V4 available

This RAW converter par excellence has the following new features:

  • DeepPRIME XD2 noise reduction, for even better noise removal
  • Improved Luminosity and noise models
  • Real time correction preview

Visit DXO to read more details and try out the free trial

Luminar for iPad released

The popular Luminar photo editor for iPad has been released. It features some of Luminar’s best loved features, such as Enhance AI, and has a fantastic user interface. It is very reasonably priced and well worth checking out.

More details…

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