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9 Comments on DXO Photo Lab 3 Review

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  4. Arc

    Thank you for this review.
    I’m a fan of the products, though not necessarily all the new company’s recent decisions and I’ve been trying to decided whether to purchase this upgrade, that feels a little like an update, rather than a full mainline release.

    I may still use the black Friday half-price deal to upgrade to elite, but otherwise, I’m not sure 3 is a significant step up from 2 and I’ve been reassured by your conclusion.

    Do yo think £59 is worth paying for the ‘elite’ feature?

    • AndyBell

      Elite is good because of the ClearView and Prime Noise reduction. I’d have a long, hard look at Skylum Luminar before choosing… V4 is not perfect (a bit slow) but they are improving it all the time. It’s on a Black Friday sale for £72. Since I got it (yes, I paid for my own copy) I’ve not used any other RAW converter… I still finish my images using Topaz Labs software, though…

      • Arc

        Thanks for the quick reply.
        They look very interesting and have definitely done a great job with their website UX.
        I’ll be sure have closer look at those tools, although I’m not sure if I’ll splash out right now.

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