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2 Comments on Topaz Gigapixel AI 5.2 Released – Review

  1. Steve

    Hi… based on your sample photos, produced produced HORRIBLE result. The colour shift is horrendous, adding in green and red blotches everywhere. Just my opinion of course but I would never make a print that so drastically messed up the colours.

    • AndyBell

      Fair point Steve. Tbh I wouldn’t want to use a picture this noisy in any circumstances.

      The post shows that Gigapixel produces a better result than upsizing the image as is, and gives a more detailed result than some other noise reduction tools.

      The blotches have not been added in – they are the chroma noise and I should have mentioned that Gigapixel doesn’t remove that.

      The best tool I’ve found for this image is DeNoise AI (reviewed in a previous post). It manages to retain the details and remove the chroma noise.

      In a more realistic scenario (I would never consider using the M50 at ISO 25600) Gigapixel’s upsizing with built in noise reduction is very useful.

      Currently, my preference would be to develop the RAW photo in DXO Photo Lab 4 as its Deep Prime noise reduction is the best I’ve tested for RAW images. And then upscale the result in Gigapixel.

      But sometimes all you have is an old, low res JPG, which is what this new release of Gigapixel is aimed at.

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