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  3. John

    Andy, your post says that Masi AI is Affinity Photo compatible. Have you had success with it? for me, it works fine as a standalone and opens fine as a plugin to AF, but does not create a usable mask. Any ideas?

    • AndyBell

      Hi John

      In Affinity I’ve managed to get it to produce a resulting image with the mask applied but not save a mask that you can edit further in Affinity.

      I don’t have Photoshop so I can’t compare if this behaviour is the same there.

      I tend to run all my Topaz tools standalone and work with the resulting images afterwards with Exposure X5 being the central hub in my workflow.

      Sorry, this probably doesn’t help you much…

  4. John

    Andy, thanks for the quick reply! I’ve also migrated to Exposure x5, but sometimes need to open an image in Affinity Photo. I’ll keep playing around – the masks that I’ve been getting as a plugin to AP aren’t usable at all. But since you’re getting usable masks, I’ll work at it. Thanks again.

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