Topaz Gigapixel AI 6 – Time to Face the Truth?

Topaz Gigapixel AI 6 – Time to Face the Truth?

Readers of this blog will know I am a big fan of Topaz Gigapixel AI. I have owned it since version 1 and I would not enlarge a photo without it. For previous reviews, see here and here. Recently, I received a phone call from someone who wanted to make a mural of one of [...]

More Topaz Magic-Mask AI Released

Topaz Mask AI As I stated in yesterday's post, Topaz Labs seem to be the most innovative photo software company at the moment. They've restructured their software into two groups: Topaz Studio, which contains all their 'regular' plugins and enhancement tools. The AI range, their specialist tools. And now they've added AI Mask. I've played [...]

Upgrading to Windows 10

Windows 10 Upgrade is Still Free. I recently upgraded one of my computers to Windows 10. I know, I'm a late adopter. But Windows 7 was working fine for me and I didn't feel inclined to update it without good reason. I had to update it to test the new DXO PhotoLab 3, which won't [...]

An aid for blogging

ProWritingAid - a tool for bloggers and writers I've been writing this blog for over a year now and it's a very different discipline to taking and editing photographs. I find it harder. Until yesterday, my method was to write the post and then use Yoast's features to check my writing. That worked for shorter posts [...]

Topaz Gigapixel AI Vs Canon EF x2 Extender

I have tested Topaz Gigapixel AI before and concluded that it is the best image resize software. I now wanted to give it quite a stern challenge. How would it fare going up against a  top-rated teleconverter such as the Canon EF 2x Extender, Mark 3? The extender Canon's 2x extended attaches to some of their [...]

Luminar 3 – With Libraries. First looks

Luminar 3 With Libraries was released recently and I've been playing with it for a while. Here's my first impressions: The Good A reasonable image browser with a unique layout It keeps itself up to date after you have told it the folder(s) where your images are The RAW conversion is high quality, although it [...]
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