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Digital Photography Workflow Part 2 – Noise Removal

In my previous post, I looked at using Skylum Luminar as the first step in your Digital Photography Workflow.

The result was great, but there was still noise in the image and Luminar is not, in my experience, the best tool to deal with it.

This post shows how easy and effective it is to use Topaz Denoise AI for this important step in your workflow.

If you would rather see it in action, here’s a short YouTube video of me using DeNoise AI to clean up the image.

Topaz DeNoise AI – interface

Topaz DENoise AI is easy to use and, importantly, features intelligent automatic settings and batch processing. This means you can send it all the images you need fixing and just let it get on with the job.

The Topaz AI range of products are powerful, but that power comes at a cost – time. If you have a fast PC and a good graphics card, then the processing time is much less, but it is still longer than using Lightroom or PhotoNinja. Nevertheless, the time is worth spending as the results are so good. 

Here is the Topaz DeNoise AI interface:

Topaz Denoise AI

Topaz Denoise AI

The video shows the interface in use, but it really is very simple. The controls are straightforward and the split screen image preview makes it easy to see the noise being reduced.

The results

The following split image shows just how good the noise reduction is. I used the Auto settings for this image.

Digital Photography Workflow Part 2 - Noise RemovalDigital Photography Workflow Part 2 - Noise Removal

Digital Photography Workflow – Noise Removal – Conclusion

Not every image has noise, but when they do, then it is relatively easy to remove it.

The major obstacle is removing noise without losing image detail. In less sophisticated tools, the noise reduction leaves the image lacking so much detail that it appears to be covered in wax…

Topaz Noise AI does not suffer from this problem. It is easy to use and highly effective. Its only downside is the time it takes to process an image, but that is time well spent.

How does Topaz DeNoise AI stack up against the competition? See my review here.

Download a free trial from Topaz and see for yourself how good this tool is.

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