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  1. edward howard

    I cannot believe that the Canon eos rp is better than the NX1.Most of my friends who have top nikon equipment were shown a few of my cropped jpegs taken from the Samsung nx1 cinema 4k video on a Samsung 65 inch 4k tv that 2 of them have purchased a nx1 camera within the last 2 weeks.The cropped images of the cars in your car park show such a poor image taken by the nx1 that i am truly amazed.The 2 nx1 camera bodies my friends purchased were supplied by me.I have since purchased another nx1 body from ebay last week so i am now back to 3 bodies.Love your landscape images.Were the ones taken in 2018 using the nx1?I am sure you will regret parting with your Samsung NX equipment.Kind regards E Howard.

    • AndyBell

      Hi Edward

      There’s no doubt that the 4K video on the NX1 is superb and better than the RP. But I don’t shoot video so it’s not part of my decision.

      It’s really hard comparing camera systems when it comes to image quality as the lens is also part of the test.

      Some of the 2018 images on my site were taken with the NX1 and some were taken with the EOS M50 & M100. To be honest, there isn’t much difference in still image quality between these – when I first tested the M100 with its kit 15-45 lens I compared it to the NX1 and the 16-50 S lens. I expected the NX1 to walk all over the M100. But it didn’t. The results were very, very similar.

      The RPs sensor doesn’t have as good dynamic range as the NX1 but its noise levels are discernibly better. At ISO 400 the NX1 has some noise, even in the highlights. The RP has none.

      In the end, I would be forced to leave the NX1 – it is a discontinued system and, eventually, it will break down and not be repairable or the battery would die and replacements may become hard to obtain. So, from a commercial POV it makes sense to sell it while it has some value and move into a sustainable product.

      One other consideration is lens availability. Samsung only did 2 S lenses and, as good as they are, Canon’s range are as good or better. The 24-105 STM lens is easily as good as the NX 16-50 S lens and the new RF 24-105 is even better.

      Samsung’s widest rectilinear lens was the 12-24 zoom (18-36 in 35mm terms), which was very good. But Canon’s 14mm L lens is very appealing to me and not possible on the NX system.

      Finally, there’s the weight issue. As you can see from my site, I do a lot of landscape work that requires a lot of hiking. Often miles of it. The RP is lighter than the RP. I’ve just returned from the Lake District where I used the RP with the 24-105 zoom or a wide prime lens and the images are excellent.

      So, I don’t regret the decision. Had Samsung continued with the NX system and, maybe, brought out a full frame version then I might have stayed with it. But I felt the time was right to make the move.

      • Fred

        Been following this thread and I have to agree with E. Howard’s comments re the cars in the car park comparison photos. Not only is the “NX1” shot poorly focused, but there is lots of fringing visible. The right hand door mirror has a red fringe on its leading edge and a green one on the trailing edge ! It almost looks like a 3D photo ! I have an el cheapo Panasonic TZ 40 and TZ 90, plus an RX 100 Mk IV and none of them would produce a picture like that, nor would most Smart Phones to day. I do agree though with your reasons for ditching the NX1 as nothing lasts for ever, and that’s why I haven’t bought an NX1.

      • edward howard

        Many thanks for your reply nx1 vs canon.It is a real pity that you never took any cinema 4k video and extracted jpeg fine images.In my opinion and all of my friends opinion the jpegs from the video are far superior than the jpegs straight from the camera.I know technically this is not possible but they do seem to be better.The 10mm lens that i bought from you is superb and the jpeg that i sent you of Box hill was taken with the 10mm and was a jpeg from cinema 4k. I agree with your sentiments of why you are disgarding the nx system but cannot see that the canon system is an improvement.Kind regards E Howard.

        • AndyBell

          Thanks for your comments. Again, I only shoot in RAW so I wouldn’t be grabbing a frame from the video file. It does sound like an interesting exercise.

          I agree my test shot is not great. A far better comparison is on: https://www.dpreview.com/articles/2274270919/canon-eos-rp-gallery-updated-added-to-studio-test-scene-comparison

          When I use it to compare the RP to the NX1 I’m seeing the same thing – in the far corners the RP is much sharper than the NX1. That, of course, is as much to do with the lens as the camera, but it does echo my

          I also found this interesting: https://www.dxomark.com/cameras/brand-canon-samsung/launched-between-2002-and-2019/launch_price-from-0-to-45200-usd#hideAdvancedOptions=false&viewMode=list&yDataType=rankDyn

          When I select Canon and Samsung and order by Landscape (dynamic range), the NX500 (which I’m not getting rid of lol) is the best of them all, if only by a little. It’s interesting that the diminutive EOS M100 is only 1/3 stop behind the NX1. This, to me, just shows what I guess we should expect – technology marches on and in 10 years time maybe the latest and greatest cameras will make the NX1, the EOS RP and everything else look like toys… Or maybe not… Who knows?

          In any case, the NX1 hasn’t sold yet so I may end up keeping it… I do think Canon’s glass has the edge on Samsung’s. Obviously, Canon have a far wider range but there’s a sharpness to some of their later models that is quite astonishing…

          All the best,


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