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Here you’ll find a curated collection of my photographic journey, capturing moments from the mundane to the magnificent. Each image tells a story, inviting viewers to see the world through my lens. Dive into the galleries to explore landscapes, seascapes and artistic renditions that have shaped my vision and craft.

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Latest Reviews

I also review photography equipment and software. My many years as both a professional photographer and a software developer uniquely qualifies me to asses the quality of the software you need to produce stunning images.

DxO Nik Collection Review

DxO Nik Collection - Introduction DxO and Skylum (producers of Luminar NEO) have different approaches to photo editing. DxO is about control and quality. Luminar is about creativity and maximising the use of AI. Both yield successful results. DxO Photo Lab is a brilliant RAW photo processor that also offers post-processing options. But it offers [...]

Focus Like a Pro: Luminar NEO for Photographers

Focus Like A Pro with Focus Stacking - Luminar NEO tested Focus stacking is a technique used by photographers to achieve a greater depth of field in their images. This method involves taking multiple photos of the same scene, each with a different focus point, and then combining them into a single image with sharpness [...]

Beware the NFT Con

Beware of the Instagram NFT Scam! Alert: Instagram NFT Fraud! The emergence of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has created a buzz in the digital art and collectibles market. These distinctive digital items are fetching hefty sums, drawing the attention of not only artists and collectors but also con artists eager to profit. It's essential to be [...]

The Silent Shout Out

The Silent Shout Out - Avoiding the Social Media Endorsement Fraud This piece provides insights on how to steer clear of fraudsters on social networking sites like Instagram. These con artists promise to boost your online presence by offering followers, likes, and product sales through a promotional tactic known as a ‘shout out’. What is [...]

NCH PhotoPad Photo Editing Software Review

NCH PhotoPad Photo Editing Software Review In the world of digital photography, having a reliable and user-friendly photo editing software is essential. NCH PhotoPad Photo Editing Software is one such tool that aims to provide users with a comprehensive set of editing features wrapped in a straightforward interface. In this review, we'll take a closer [...]

Unleash Your Imagination: Exploring the Power of Luminar Neo AI for Photographers

Introduction to Luminar NEO AI for Photographers Luminar NEO AI is an impressive photo editing software that incorporates advanced artificial intelligence features. It takes photo editing to a whole new level with its intuitive AI-powered tools. With Luminar NEO AI, editing becomes a breeze as it automatically enhances images, corrects imperfections, and optimizes colors with [...]

DXO Photo Lab 7 Review

DXO Photo Lab 7 Review This is a look at DXO Photo Lab, a review of its features. This time, I am not comparing it to anything else, although I will refer to comparisons I have made previously, when appropriate. Introduction to DXO Photo Lab 7 DXO Photo Lab 7, which I will simply refer [...]

Topaz Photo AI – The Power of Automation

Topaz Photo AI-Introduction As a professional software developer, one of the first things I did after getting a digital camera that could shoot in RAW was to write some automatic (batch) processing software for it. My reasoning was simple—I was taking hundreds of photos with this new toy, but getting the best from each photo [...]

The ‘Holy Trinity’ of Photography Software

This blog post looks at the 'holy trinity' of photography software. Three products that, when combined, provide everything you need to develop your RAW images and edit your photos. There is some overlap between the three, as each continues to add to and refine their capabilities. Yet I don't view them as competing with each [...]

Topaz Photo AI V2 – Any Good?

Topaz Photo AI V2 Update: December 2023: For the latest view and a comparison with DXO and Luminar NEO, see this post. I use Topaz Labs photo software and have done so for many years. This blog contains many reviews of their tools. I only publish reviews of tools I use in my own workflow [...]


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