Digital Photography Workflow – Part 3 – Sharpening

Sharpening - Final Step Almost all photos need a degree of sharpening. A sophisticated approach is to sharpen your image in stages: During RAW development After post processing After resizing RAW processors do so much that it's hard to know if they are doing step 1, step 2, or both. In post 1 in this [...]
Digital Photography Workflow Part 1

Digital Photography Workflow Part 1

It's a busy day for photo software enthusiasts with two updates to leading edge photography software products: Skylum Luminar 4 and Topaz Sharpen AI. These tools are vital to good a digital photography workflow. Therefore, I am releasing a series of posts and YouTube videos showing how to use these products, and Topaz DeNoise AI in your workflow. [...]

Photolemur: the Automatic Image Processor – Review

Photolemur - Too Good To Be True? Photolemur is a fully automatic batch image processor, working with most image file types and RAW formats. Is it too good to be true? Find out below... Batch processing Let's face it, image processing takes time. Often, too much time. So software tools add batch processing and presets to [...]
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