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Gigapixel AI vs A High Resolution Image

Gigapixel AI vs a High Resolution Image

In a recent comment, to a previous Gigapixel review, Barbara asked me if the Canon EOS R5 + Gigapixel AI upscaling would be a reasonable alternative to the EOS R6.

(Topaz Gigapixel AI is my recommended tool for enlarging images. I have reviewed it many times, throwing many challenges at it. And I use it for all of image enlargements – it always thrills my customers with the quality of its results.)

It’s an interesting question that requires comparing pictures from the two cameras to answer. As I don’t have access to these top-end Canon DSLRs, I did a small experiment that is sort of comparable.

I took a photo with my Canon EOR R camera at 100% resolution and then one at 50% resolution and upscaled its results in Gigapixel AI. I checked that both pictures were sharp before applying any Gigapixel processing to the smaller one.

Below is an image gallery of comparisons between the full resolution image, straight from the camera, and the 1/2 size photo that has then been enlarged with Gigapixel AI.

See if you can determine which one is the Gigapixel AI result. Click on an image and enlarge to full screen for best results.

I think you’ll agree that the image on the right-hand side of each comparison is the sharper one, yes?

That’s the Gigapixel AI processed image! The one on the left is the full resolution JPEG, straight from the camera!

How does Gigapixel AI do this?

Gigapixel AI appears to add a degree of sharpening to its results, which is why image processed by Gigapixel AI look so good. In previous experiments, Gigapixel AI has performed as well as using the Canon 2x Teleconverter (MK3) on a Canon prime L lens. It really is a special piece of software.

I remain of the opinion that Gigapixel AI is one of the must have pieces of software. Even if you are only doing a modest enlargement, it consistently produces superior results to traditional resizing methods.

Topaz currently have a 30% off sale, so this is a good time to try it out. For the money, you get a perpetual license plus one year’s free updates.

Download the trial version from Topaz Labs.

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