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DXO Photo Lab 4 vs Luminar 4 – Creative Editing

DXO Photo Lab 4 vs Luminar 4

DXO Photo Lab 4 vs Luminar 4

I have just uploaded to YouTube the latest instalment in the DXO vs Luminar series.

You can watch the video below and see the results below…

Click here to see the previous instalment in this series…

Here are some comparisons of the DXO Photo Lab 4 and Luminar results:

Here is the scorecard from the video. I’d encourage you to watch it as it shows how to use these tools, where they are similar and where they differ…

DXO Photo Lab 4 vs Luminar – Creative Test. Links.

Both DXO and Luminar offer a free trial version. I’d encourage you to check these tools out. I utilise both in my workflow and I only recommend tools I use.

DXO Photo Lab 4

Luminar 4

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