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Topaz Labs Update to GigaPixel AI + Special Offer

Topaz Labs has today issued an update to GigaPixel AI – their class leading image enlargement software. My previous tests show that it is the best image enlargement tool, and it often produces images that are sharper than the originals.

Along with the update, Topaz are offering a $20 discount from today up to 7th July 2020. Their Utility Bundle (JPEG to RAW AI, DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI) is on offer at over $50 off the regular price.

So, now is an excellent time to check them out.

What’s New?

This is a relatively minor update and is free for existing users.

New features include:

  • AI Model improvement for better results
  • A new single-image preview view
  • New zoom options
  • New “man-made” mode to better enhance the details in cityscapes, typography, and other images with clear outlines and sharp edges

The AI Model improvements give across the board improvements. I quickly tested the ‘Man Made’ improvements and there is a subtle improvement using the ‘Man-made’ setting and the ‘Natural’ one when buildings, etc, are in the image.

The picture below shows the power of this program: Even a fairly modest enlargement (150%) is far better with Gigapixel (right) than using ‘regular’ enlargements (left).

Topaz Labs Update to GigaPixel AI + Special Offer

An excellent time to test Topaz Products

The price reductions and the quality of the products make this a brilliant time to visit Topaz Labs and try out the software.

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