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  2. kop

    One question: do you run the software with full admin rights, or as a restricted user?

    I have been testing Topaz AI tools and it seems that they do not work unless run as admin. This both with Mac and Windows PC. This is bad practice.

    Very unfortunate, as those tools perform well on their actual tasks. For be, running tools that need admin rights on my production system is big show stopper.

    • AndyBell

      No, I’ve not needed to run them with admin rights.

      You may need to raise your issue with Topaz – as you rightly say they should not need admin rights to run.

      They had an issue with MACs a while back –

      I don’t know if Windows had a similar problem but it should have been fixed by now.

  3. Peter Hancock

    It seems some of the comparison images have got lost. they show up as [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”31″ gal_title=”Motion Blur”] in two different browsers. Would be interesting to see them.

    • AndyBell


      I stopped using a WordPress plugin and this is the cause of the missing photos. I’ll have a look and see if I can find the originals and repost them…


      • AndyBell

        Peter – I’ve updated the images now. I think you’ll find the Out of Focus and Motion Blur results particularly interesting. I need to redo these test now, as Topaz has made a lot of improvements to Sharpen AI over the last year and a half…

  4. Peter Hancock

    Thanks for looking at this. Sadly, I still can’t see the images, they just show as an ever-circling three dots.

      • Peter Hancock

        Indeed, thank you. I think the motion and focus blur images are probably reversed but the results look good. I rarely got anything that effective when I had a trial of Topaz.

        • AndyBell

          Peter – quite likely they are reversed. I did the test a while ago and WordPress had the images in its Media list but I hadn’t labelled them properly.

          I’m currently testing the latest Sharpen AI against a well focussed image and a truly dreadful one. I’ll be publishing the results in the next few days… I consider Topaz Sharpen AI to be one of the few indispensable pieces of software I use…

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