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Topaz Denoise AI – Worthwhile or just noise?

Topaz Labs have just issued a fascinating blog post comparing the Denoise AI product to other class leading noise reduction programs. Is this just a carefully chosen image, well suited to Denoise AI’s processing or are they onto something here?

So I took my own, noisy, photo. Unlike Topaz’s it was in daylight, and taken at ISO 12800, resulting in the most horrible noise imaginable:

ISO 12800. Horribly noisy.

The full, original, RAW file can be downloaded from here.

I then used DXO Photo Lab, Photo Ninja, Exposure X5 and Denoise AI and tried to remove the noise whilst keeping some detail. I allowed Photo Ninja to use its detail tool and DXO Photo Lab to use its smart lighting and Lens Sharpness tools as both achieved better results with these switched on.

Denoise AI is the clear winner

Here are a few comparisons expanded to 100% (Topaz’ results are in the top left of each picture):

In all these comparisons, Topaz’s tool has produced the best result. It has removed the noise and kept far more details that the others.

It’s worth seeing comparisons between it and the original image:


Topaz are not exaggerating when they claim this is the best. My test confirms theirs. It is streets ahead of the others.

Download a trial copy of Topaz Denoise AI.

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