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A.I. Gigipixel 1.1 released.

I recently reviewed the initial release of A.I. Gigapixel and concluded it was a great Image Resize tool. Its main problems were the speed on low end graphics cards and it didn’t support many low end graphics cards at all.

This new release fixes the graphics card issue – the software will now run using your PC’s CPU if the graphics card fails to process the image.

I did a quick re-test and found it to still be a very, very effective image resizer. It is especially effective at upsizing low resolution images. The results are better than Photoshop, Affinity Photo and On1.

Here’s a quick example:

Original Image – 1080 x 720 pixels:

Test image































Image upsized to 4320 x 2880 pixels:

Upscaled image

The result speaks for itself, I think…

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